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Support the Solidarity Fund

Help us mobilize financial resources to support low-wage workers and immigrants who organize to take collective action.

Dream Act Rally sign

Since its creation by our Sanctuary in the Streets network last year, the fund has been instrumental in growing our capacity to support the brave people who refuse to remain silent and organize for their rights.

Today, our fight for immigrant rights has never felt more urgent and we are launching this fundraising drive to renew the Solidarity Fund. Our goal is raise $10,000. These resources are needed at this crucial moment, when immigrant workers are facing increased state violence and a total breakdown in government action to support them.


Many young people who came here as children and qualify for DACA status are in danger of deportation. And these 800,000 people cannot continue to live week to week as the political terrain shifts beneath their feet and their lives hang in the balance. Our leaders are working tirelessly to demand a more just system as well as to envision a new one. PVWC youth leaders have been relentless in demanding clean immigration reform and are putting themselves on the front lines at great risk. We must rally around them.

Your donation to the Solidarity Fund enables the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to respond quickly when one of our members organizing against threats like these is in need of emergency financial support. We will be able to provide people with immediate support; for example, when a wage-earner is without income due to workplace retaliation, when a leader is detained and needs to pay their bond, and when individuals need emergency legal support.

Please note that 100% of these funds are used to support low wage workers, immigrants and other marginalized communities in the Pioneer Valley who are organizing to change the root causes of the abuse and discrimination they are experiencing. The Sanctuary Fund Committee administers and distributes these funds to individuals who meet these criteria.

Become a Sustainer by giving monthly

We rely on the donations of hardworking people like YOU to make sure that worker rights and “high road” business practices are part of the sustainable food movement in the Pioneer Valley.

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We are a 501(c)(3) with fiscal sponsorship provided by Warren J. Plaut Charitable Trust. All donations are tax-deductible.

Your Gift Makes an Impact!

$10   "Know Your Rights" booklets for five workers

$25   Funds a worker reclaiming wages stolen by a dishonest employer

$50   Travel costs for an organizer to do outreach across the Pioneer Valley

$100   Workers Rights training for 20 workers

$500   Safe zone for a month for workers to organize for better working conditions

Donate in-kind gifts from our Wishlist!

  • Paper! We can always use regular paper for printing
  • giant dry erase board
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk
  • Experienced English teachers to teach classes?

If you have any of these items to give or have questions about other potential in-kind gifts, please use our contact form.