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We rely on donations from people like you!

We're starting a worker-run farmUntil now, we’ve poured our collective energy into fighting back. Now we are beginning to center our vision of what we are fighting for in a new way.

Sustain us by giving monthly

The Worker Center depends on people like you keep us running. We ask that all members of Sanctuary in The Streets consider becoming monthly Sustainers or making yearly pledges to support our work. Anything you can give goes a long way here. We are grateful to those who pledge $4/month, to those who give $40 a year and to those whose gifts are much larger or in between.

Until 2018, we ran the workers centers with a team of 5 on less than 70 paid hours a week. Now, we are a collective of 6 working 140 paid hours a week (and much more), coordinating the people power of thousands.


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We are now our own 501(c)(3)!  All donations are tax-deductible.

Dream Act Rally sign

Your Gift Makes an Impact!

$10   "Know Your Rights" booklets for five workers

$25    Supports a farmworker organizer doing outreach across valley

$50   Funds a worker reclaiming wages stolen by a dishonest employer

$100  Supports immigrant and worker-led Know Your Rights training for 20 workers

$500   Pays the monthly stipend of one of our Worker Leader Fellow

Money is just one way to give--and we recognize that many people don't have much of it to spare. There are many other ways to support our work.

We hate asking people for money and are always trying to think of creative ways to cover our expenses. Do you know any caterers or restaurant owners that might be willing to donate food for our Worker Committee meetings? Do you know any carpenters who might be open to building some shelves in our office? Hook us up!


Donate in-kind gifts from our wishlist below:



  • Paper! We can always use regular old packets of paper for printing
  • Giant dry erase board
  • A locking filing cabinet in good condition
  • Chalk
  • Compost and straw for our Worker Comité Community Garden plot



  • Are you an experienced English teachers who could tutor our monolingual members or maybe teach classes?
  • Are you a graphic designer who can donate some time?
  • Are you an artist who wants to brainstorm with us about creative projects that could help spread the word about our work ? (We always need flyers made and have wanted to do some bigger projects like mural-making for a long time.)

If you have any of these items to give or have questions about other potential in-kind gifts, please use our contact form.