Organize. Build Power. Win Justice.

Join us in developing a worker-run farm!

On May Day, 2019 we secured access to four acres of fertile land, where we will grow food to feed our community.

Supporting Our Workers

Build Power

Connecting immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, and other oppressed groups to a broader national movement for working people


Improving workplace conditions and growing the decision-making power of workers


Fighting for pro-worker legislation at the local, state and federal level

Upcoming Events & Trainings

Rideshare & Accompaniment Trainings

Wednesday, March 13 & Saturday, March 16

Bilingual Volunteers & Phone Responder Trainings for Sanctuary in the Streets

Sunday, March 24th from 11:00am-2:00pm

Learn how you can help with:

  • Court accompaniment
  • Interpreting for meetings & events
  • Rideshare coordinating
  • Answering the Sanctuary in the Streets Hotline

Why have a Workers Center?

The Pioneer Valley prides itself on being a hub of the local food movement which values sustainability, buying local, and fair trade, yet the jobs of those who serve food in its restaurants are characterized by low wages, few benefits, discrimination, no voice at work, and little opportunity for advancement.

Currently it is employers and consumers who dominate the dialogue around the food systems in our region while the voices and interests of workers are left unheard.

In the absence of grassroots base-building that seeks to connect and organize diverse groups of restaurant workers, there is little opportunity to engage in the direct action needed to create the systemic change that improves conditions for all food workers.

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