Undocu-Worker Solidarity Fund


Donate by Check

Donations by check should be to "Pioneer Valley Workers Center" with "Solidarity Fund" in the memo line, and sent to us at 20 Hampton Ave #200, Northampton, MA 01060.


92% of all the money we raise for this fund goes directly to undocumented families who have been affected by the COVID crisis. A small portion is directed to the operating costs of administering the fund. (Up to 8%)

Fund Administration
Administracion del Fondo

Para inmigrantes sin papeles que viven en los condados de Franklin, Hampden, o Hampshire con pocas horas de trabajo.

For undocumented immigrants who live in Franklin, Hampden, or Hampshire county with reduced work hours.

Actualmente, las solicitudes para el Fondo de Solidaridad son solo por remisión. Llámenos al (413) 351-2300 si tiene una emergencia.

Applications to the Solidarity Fund are currently by referral only. Please call us at (413) 351-2300 if you are having an emergency.


Undocumented Worker Solidarity Fund for those Affected by Coronavirus

The Undocu-Worker Solidarity Fund supports undocumented immigrants in Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties who have lost their jobs or had their work hours reduced due to the COVID-19 crisis. The fund is for people who do not have work permission or are undocumented, and who will not receive any benefits from unemployment insurance or the federal government. Please apply only once per family.

  • We will try to make payments to all qualified applicants.
  • If we receive more than 200 applications, we will need to prioritize the applications that are submitted earlier.
  • We hope to fund all applicants who have absolutely no other income at this time, and also provide support to people whose hours have been significantly reduced.
  • At the time of making this application public, we have about $60,000 to distribute among the first round of applicants.
  • If we are unable to provide you funds this round, we hope to be able to offer you another opportunity to apply soon.
  • We will prioritize first-time Fund applicants.

  1. Full Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Mailing address
  4. Apartment Number
  5. City, Postal Code
  6. How did COVID-19 affect your work hours?
  7. How many hours are you working now?
  8. What kind of work do you usually do?
  9. Do you have a spouse or partner? What is their name? Please only apply once per family.
  10. PVWC builds power with workers and immigrants to create meaningful change in workers' lives. We hope you will join our work! May we add your phone number to our Whatsapp group to receive announcements of upcoming meetings and events?

Undocumented workers are the backbone of our food system and our economy.

The 413 Undocu-Worker Solidarity Fund assists undocumented workers in Western Massachusetts who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic but are excluded from unemployment insurance and other federally-funded safety net programs.

Our goal is to raise money to distribute in small grants to many undocumented workers across sectors in Western Massachusetts, including restaurants, farming, and construction.

The COVID-19 pandemic is shedding light on what our movement has always known: the most essential workers who keep our society running are treated as the most disposable. Undocumented workers are currently facing an impossible situation--when laid off, they do not have access to unemployment or government benefits. If they continue to work, they are exposed to the virus but have minimal to no access to testing, treatment, or healthcare. This fund is a concrete way to support our members, and all undocumented workers across the valley.

We will open applications soon. All immigrant workers in Western Massachusetts are welcome to apply and we will try to meet as many needs as we can based on funds raised. We know many families are facing hardship right now and we hope to offer support as soon as we can.

Fondo Solidaridad Indocumentado

Los trabajadores indocumentados son la respalda de nuestra sistema de comida y economía nacional.  El Fondo Solidaridad Indocumentado apoya a los trabajadores indocumentados del Oeste de Massachusetts que han perdido su trabajo por la Pandemia de Coronavirus, y están excluidas de aseguranza del desempleo y otras programas de redes de seguridad financiados por el gobierno federal.

Nuestra meta es recaudar dinero para distribuir en becas pequeñas a trabajadores indocumentados tras los sectores del trabajo en el Oeste de Massachusetts, incluyendo restaurantes, fincas, y construcción.  

La Pandemia COVID-19 está exponiendo lo que nuestro movimiento siempre sabía: que los trabajadores más esencial en nuestra sociedad están tratando como lo más desechable.  Trabajadores indocumentados enfrenten una situación imposible--si pierden su trabajo, no pueden acceder desempleo o beneficios.  Si siguen trabajando, en las fincas o tiendas de comida, están expuestos al virus y no tienen acceso a las pruebas o cuidado médico.  Este fondo será una manera concreta en apoyar a nuestra membresía y todos los trabajadores indocumentados por la Valle, en enfrentar esta crisis.

Pronto vamos a abrir aplicaciones para recibir apoyo financial del fondo.  Todos los trabajadores inmigrantes en el Oeste de Massachusetts están bienvenidos a aplicar para apoyo, y trataremos ayudar a todos los aplicantes basado en los fondos recaudados. Sabemos que muchos familias enfrenten dificultad ahora mismo y esperamos poder apoyar lo más pronto posible.  Gracias por su paciencia.