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There are many ways to participate in this important work by attending trainings, joining committees, and volunteering your time and resources.

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Want to volunteer with us? Plug into Sanctuary In the Streets!

We invite you to join us in building this new solidarity network. Our goal is protect all people of the Pioneer Valley from acts of hate, discrimination, state violence and deportation.

Read more about it here.

Volunteer Training

As a volunteer, once you have been oriented to our work through Sanctuary in the Streets, you can pursue further training to provide specialized support to workers and immigrants by providing rides, answering our hotline, or providing accompaniment to court hearings.

Improve your Spanish

Are you looking for a welcoming place to practice your Spanish? Did you take Spanish in high school, but find that you are a bit out of practice? Or would you like to start from the beginning and learn to greet friends and neighbors? Learn More


What skills can you contribute to the movement?  We are always in need of people who can speak different languages, artists and graphic designers, legal interns, organizers, event planners and fundraisers.  We're happy to sit down with you and find out how you can help!

We usually work with 3-4 interns at a time, and prefer a commitment of 4-8 hours a week. You can find descriptions of our intern positions here.

For Workers & Immigrants

Worker Committees

This is a great place to identify solutions to the challenges that you may face on the job and also to receive emotional support from other workers experiencing similar issues. For example, we help recover stolen wages and mediate workplace problems. When necessary, we file complaints or take collective action to stop abusive behavior. The worker facing the problem makes all decisions about what kind of support they want.

Learn More about our Worker Committees

Know Your Rights Trainings

If you are a worker or immigrant and want to learn more about your rights on the job or have questions about the legality or ethics of practices in your workplace, contact us to learn about these trainings.

Workshop topics include:

  • Rights of Undocumented Workers
  • Health and Safety
  • Sexual Harassment


Yes, we're a non-profit, and we depend on donations from the community to keep this going!

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