“Wage theft concerns aired at forum, council may take up ordinance”
June 21

Many came to the city council hearing to support the proposition of a wage theft ordinance, which would enforce labor laws in downtown Northampton businesses. Workers spoke to the city council about wage injustices they have experienced and local residents described how the exploitation of labor laws affects their choice of where to eat out and the necessity for a way to enforce already existing laws.


“Zen closing in Northampton prompts sidewalk protest”
May 24

The Gazette captures folks protesting outside of Zen the day it closed. Zen told their employees they were closing the day they closed and were committing various forms of wage theft, so the Workers Center is speaking up about it!

“Diana Sierra and Bess Hepner: Workers’ voices still missing from restaurant debate”
April 6

“Restaurant workers to talk ‘wage theft’”
April 6

“Northampton restaurant workers add stories to report’s statistics, Hampshire Gazette”
Friday, April 08, 2016

"Trial By The Hour: The Minimum Wage Just Went Up — But The Fight For A Living Wage Is More Urgent Than Ever"

February 24

"Massachusetts Combats Wage Theft"
February 15

We received some great coverage in the Gazette today! Adam Dunetz, co-owner of the Roost and Green Bean restaurants in Northampton, said he welcomes increased enforcement of wage and hour laws. “It makes me sure that I’m staying within the lines,” he said. “It helps me make sure I’m doing the job that I’m supposed to be doing — I don’t mind that oversight. It doesn’t scare me.”



"Haymarket Cafe Owner Working For Higher Wages For Employees"
November 22

The Haymarket Cafe is joining forces with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center to create a movement for restaurant workers to be paid higher wages.