Internship Program

We at the PVWC feel grateful that we have been able to collaborate with many amazing interns that have come through our doors since we began in 2014. Both because of our size and philosophy, our internships offer many opportunities to be creative and make great connections, rather than just do entry-level office work, though there is certainly some of both in all positions. All of our internships are unpaid, though some colleges in the area offer funding opportunities.

The positions that we offer do have many non-monetary benefits, such as the opportunity to build event organizing, field research and fundraising skills. For all internships, it is very important that interns schedule the majority of their hours during a regular, fixed time of the week. In part because all staff are part-time and the nature of our work so often takes us out of the office. We are much more flexible about scheduling after the first few months, once interns are well-oriented and able to be more self-directed. There are also many events and community actions that fall outside of our regular office hours, which we encourage interns to attend.

The PVWC welcomes and encourages applications from people from all backgrounds, especially people of color.


Farm Coop Community Coordinator

Available September-late November

5-10+ hours/ week, for at least 8 weeks of the summer, with a flexible schedule starting late-April through September. (Hours are flexible and if needed, can be condensed into as a 6 week period or stretched out over the entire summer.)

Since 2019, PVWC has been supporting its members in the development of a small cooperatively-run farm, in close collaboration with TESA and an outpouring of community support. This season, the Riquezas Del Campo Farm Coop will be entering its 3rd season, and hosting COVID-safe Community Volunteer Days out at the farm every weekend. This position will be focused on coordinating this support mainly through publicizing these events, phone banking, and possibly showing up in person to help welcome and orient volunteers. Note that there will be a team of 2 interns working in this capacity.

To apply please send a resume and brief cover letter to gabriella[at]