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Sanctuary In The Streets Hotline: Bi-Lingual Responders Needed!

Sign up to be part of the team that workers and immigrants can call on when they need the community to show up. To become a phone answerer, please sign up for one of our upcoming trainings!

Sunday, August 19th at 11:00-2:00
Saturday, September 22nd at 11:00-2:00


If you'd like to become a phone responder but can't make one of those dates, please email us!

Join us to learn the skills necessary to become a phone responder for the rapid-response hotline and to use your knowledge of multiple languages to help families and individuals in moments of crisis. This initial session is not a commitment to volunteering but rather an introduction to what this position entails and the skills necessary for being an informed crisis phone responder.

In the initial training, we will discuss how to center the caller and respond to their needs in a way that is both supportive and informed. The goal of this training is to familiarize potential hotline phone responders with the hotline, discuss what it means to be a trauma-informed responder, orient phone responders with how the current political climate might be affecting callers, and learn ways to best assist callers in times of crisis. Multilingual hotline phone responders play an integral part of assisting callers and their role goes far beyond solely translating or connecting callers to resources.

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Sanctuary in the Streets

Want to volunteer with us? Plug into Sanctuary In the Streets!

We invite you to join us in building this new solidarity network. Our goal is protect all people of the Pioneer Valley from acts of hate, discrimination, state violence and deportation. Read more about it here.

Sanctuary In The Streets Solidarity Rideshare & Mututal Aid:

Drivers and Mutual Aid Volunteers Still Needed!

The goals of the Pioneer Valley Workers Center Rideshare and other mutual aid are to create resourceful ways for people to better meet their basic needs, as well as to help build the trust and solidarity needed to confront injustice. In order to be part of the rideshare network, you must join us for one of our orientations. At this time, there are no upcoming trainings scheduled but stay tuned. We will be offering more early summer if not sooner.

With Lucio Perez in Sanctuary in Amherst and his family in Springfield, we have been coordinating 10 rides a week since October 2017. This means that we need a stronger ride share network than ever to accommodate both their family as well as the other PVWC members who often need rides. 



What skills can you contribute to the movement?  We are always in need of people who can speak different languages, artists and graphic designers, legal interns, organizers, event planners and fundraisers.  We're happy to sit down with you and find out how you can help! We usually work with 3-4 interns at a time, and prefer a commitment of 4-8 hours a week. You can find descriptions of our intern positions here.