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For Workers

The Workers Center is a place for workers in the Pioneer Valley to build community, organize to make change in their workplace, and advocate for pro-worker legislation at the local, state and federal level.

Build Community

Joining a national movement to improve the lives of working people, including immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, and other oppressed groups


Improving workplace conditions and growing the decision-making power of workers


Fighting for pro-worker legislation at the local, state and federal level

Join Our Workers Committees

This is a great place to identify solutions to the challenges that you may face on the job and also to receive emotional support from other workers experiencing similar issues. For example, we help recover stolen wages and mediate workplace problems. When necessary, we file complaints or take collective action to stop abusive behavior. The worker facing the problem makes all decisions about what kind of support they want.

Our bi-weekly Worker Committees meets every other Wednesday at 6pm, in Northampton and every other Sunday at 2pm in the North End of Springfield.

Attend Our Social Gatherings

This is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and join our supportive community of activists working throughout the Valley.

  • House parties where you can learn to cook new food
  • Art On The Menu, our annual restaurant worker art exhibit, where all workers are invited to showcase their art or take the stage to perform songs, dance and more
  • The Justice Cup, our annual soccer tournament

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming gatherings, film screenings, or parties!

Legal Clinic

The Pioneer Valley Workers Center hosts free Legal Clinics and Know-Your-Rights trainings in English and Spanish (please contact us ahead of time if you’d like us to offer one in another language). We also connect workers with lawyers who meet with them for free, and can work on individual cases with them if they decide to pursue legal action. We work with a dedicated team of lawyers who understand why it is so important to connect their work to organizing campaigns. We know that doing this amplifies our voices and increases public pressure on abusive bosses in a way that can result in big wins.

More information on upcoming trainings can be found on our Facebook page and our Events page.

Health and Safety

The Workers Center hosts regular workshops that address health and safety in the workplace.  Workshops are free, and a great way to learn about identifying and addressing safety issues in the workplace.

If you have an immediate concern about unsafe conditions at your place of employment, contact the Workers Center by email or call the office to talk to a staff person.

Farmworker Surveys

The Workers Center has partnered with the UMass Amherst to conduct research on the working conditions of farmworkers in the Pioneer Valley.  This important research is helping to identify challenges these workers face.

If you are interested in participating please contact the Workers Center. A staff person will make an appointment to sit down with you to conduct a 30 minute interview; the surveys are anonymous and the names of the workers are not associated with the surveys.

Legislative Action

There are many ways to address workplace challenges. Taking legislative action is an important way to connect our local organizing with bigger picture regional and national reforms.

Recently passed legislation will have a tremendous impact on the workers in our community, such as the minimum wage increase and earned sick time. To successfully pass such legislation, workers must be on the front line, sharing their experiences, meeting with legislators, writing letters, visiting the State House, and educating the public about pro-worker legislation.

Contact us to find out more about how you can play a role in passing good legislation for our community!

Know Your Rights Trainings

If you want to learn more about your rights on the job or have questions about the legality or ethics of practices in your workplace, attend one of our trainings or contact us.

Workshop topics include:

  • Rights of Undocumented Workers
  • Health and Safety
  • Sexual Harassment

More information on upcoming trainings can be found on our Facebook page.

Can my boss do that?

If you have any concerns about working conditions at your place of employment, contact the Workers Center by email or call the office at (413) 570-3060 to talk to a staff person.

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